Flipped Classroom Package

Online Parent Child Journey content at your own pace + 10 interactive one hour interactive Zoom Discussion Group sessions

What this package includes:

1. Parent Child Journey Course Content at Your Own Pace


Access Parent Child Journey course content for one year, including over 8 hours of videos to view at your own pace and the complete text of Dr. Dan’s book Parent Child Journey: An Individualized Approach to Raising Your Challenging Child. 

Register here for a free course preview.


2. Interactive Zoom Discussion Group

Participate in 10 weekly, hour-long instructor-led group via Zoom to answer your questions, discuss weekly course topics and trouble-shoot your implementation of behavior management strategies. Each week will focus on one of the ten “Miles” of Parent Child Journey content. 

For current Discussion Group start dates and time times go to parentchildjourney.com/journey/

This package is best for parents who want the flexibility to access the Parent Child Journey course content (videos and book) at their own pace and are interested in adding one hour of focused discussion and Q&A with the instructor and other parents.