Thanks to people with developmental differences, the world is changing. Hear Dr. Dan’s thoughts on: “What people with autism have to teach the rest of us about sexuality and gender.” Autism is common; so are differences in gender and sexuality. Is there a connection? How to support your child's self-discovery.

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    Autism, Gender and Sexual Variation

    • Course Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Sexuality and gender exist along a spectrum

    • Old boxes don't always work

    • Lesson 2: Difference does not equal disorder

    • Lesson 3: Sexuality is central to being human

    • Lesson 4: Don’t make assumptions

    • Lesson 5: Autism magnifies human variation

    • Lesson 6: Special sex education for all

    • Sex education resources

    • Lesson 7: Autistic culture and sexual diversity

    • Lesson 8: If you don’t look, you don’t find

    • Lesson 9: Causation is complicated

    • Possible psychological factors

    • Lesson 10: Support and intervention matter

    • Conclusion: The future of diversity